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Know About Sign Language
Origins of Hong Kong Sign Language
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With lip movements, facial expressions and body movements working together to express meaning, sign language has become one of the commonly used media of communication adopted by hearing-impaired groups. In different countries, local sign languages have evolved as a result of developments in social and cultural backgrounds. At present, hundreds of sign languages are in use in hearing-impaired communities around the world.

Hong Kong Sign Language is mainly derived from Chinese Sign Language. The sign language in China is divided into the variety used in the south, such as in Guangzhou; and that used in the north, such as in Beijing. In the 1950s some people from Shanghai started schools for hearing-impaired children in Hong Kong – the Overseas Chinese School for the Deaf and Hiu Chong School for the Deaf.

Since the handover, as more contacts are being made and closer ties forged between Hong Kong and the Mainland, Hong Kong Sign Language has become more heavily influenced by the sign language in the Mainland.